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Empower your Windows Phone 8 with basic invoicing

If you’re a one-person shop, constantly on the go with clients, you know taking the time to get back to your office to write up quotes can cut a chunk out of your work day. And having to settle in at home to do this will only cut into family time. So, what do you do? Fortunately, you can utilize ... Read More »

Speech personal assistant in Windows Phone 8

The iPhone has Siri, Android has Vlingo and Evi, and Windows Phone 8 has its own, built-in speech recognition software — called, simply enough, Speech. With Speech you can: Make a call Send a text message Take a note Open an app Search online You can do all of these things just by using your voice. Is it magic? Not ... Read More »

Chronos Calendar: A true powerhouse calendar for Windows Phone 8

Most mobile calendar apps are fairly blah. Sure, they keep your schedule, but for power users, they do little more than remind them how stripped-down the calendaring tools are. I recently discovered a calendar for Windows Phone 8 that offers more than the average application. In fact, Chronos Calendar is one of those tools that every mobile calendar should model ... Read More »

Infographic: MDM is the zombie phone killer

Zombie phones are mobile devices that the enterprise thinks are dead, but they’re actually still alive and potentially costing companies a considerable amount of money. The infographic below, created by Amtel, shows how zombie phones manifest themselves, how costly they can be to organizations, and how to put a stop to this madness with Mobile Device Management (MDM). Find out ... Read More »

Backup nearly everything on your Android phone with Super Backup

Backups are a critical aspect of today’s business world. We spend thousands of dollars ensuring our servers are backed up. Hundreds of dollars should also be spent to make sure our personal desktops are backed up (of course, we all know how that goes). As for mobile devices, many users don’t even both or consider it. Thankfully, with the Android ... Read More »

Gain an extra level of security on your Android phone with Vault-Hide

There are plenty of reasons you might want or need to hide information on your phone from prying eyes. Whether it’s sensitive company communications, personal information, or anything in-between, there’s always something we don’t want others to see. Out of the box, Android offers plenty of features, but one area it misses out on is the ability to lock down ... Read More »

Block unwanted calls on your Android phone with Call Blocker

Android’s Contact application allows you to set up auto-reject of incoming calls on a per-contact basis. But that’s the extent of the built-in abilities. For users who want a bit more incoming call control, there are apps on the Google Play Store that handle call blocking. One such tool is Call Blocker by NQ Mobile Security. Call Blocker is a free ... Read More »

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