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Mac sharing Part 1: How to get connected

Level: Switcher / Basic to intermediate This series of posts aims to quickly get new Mac OS X users up to speed with the various straightforward methods of sharing files, resources, and screens over a simple network with other Macs and Windows PCs. For very temporary, quick file-sharing, a USB flash / thumb, external hard drive or SSD is ideal. ... Read More »

Improve meeting rooms with WiFi, Hangouts, and screen-sharing

Show me an organization’s conference rooms and I’ll tell you a bit about the organization’s culture. Many meeting rooms contain furniture, art, projectors, dry erase boards, and power outlets, but none of these reveal much in the way of cultural secrets. The culture-revealing items are invisible: WiFi and screen-sharing systems. WiFi reveals who can connect; screen-sharing tools reveal who can ... Read More »

Mac sharing Part 2: File-sharing scenarios

Level: Basic to intermediate In this post we will look at three general scenarios and the best associated method for sharing files between Macs over a local network: AirDrop, Guest, and User Account sharing. You may want to review or refer to my last post, “Mac sharing Part 1: How to get connected.” AirDrop For users of MacOS X 10.7 ... Read More »

Mac sharing Part 3: Windows in the mix

So far in the Mac Sharing series, we’ve covered: Mac sharing Part 1: How to get connected (the basics between Macs) Mac sharing Part 2: File-sharing scenarios (slightly more advanced tips for Macs) Do you have both Windows PCs and Macs in your network? Hook them up to rapidly share their files in either or both directions. Level: Switcher / ... Read More »

Mac Sharing Part 4: Remote desktop

Screen Sharing – the ability to see and control another computer remotely — is a very easy and potent way to offer remote tech support and utilize capabilities and software packages not present on the controlling device. As an extreme example, a powerful desktop computer can be controlled from a tablet or smart-phone — easy to set up, though, arguably, ... Read More »

Apple OS X Server: Configure file sharing

One of the most common and widely-used services found on a server is file sharing. According to Wikipedia, “File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digitally stored information.” It is this very reason — alongside the ease of management — that makes server-based file sharing ideal for both end users and administrators alike. The centralized model ... Read More »

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