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What’s next for Windows RT?

After a spate of recent news on Windows RT, I pulled my Microsoft Surface RT tablet from a drawer, where it had been sitting unused for several months. I reviewed Surface RT in November of 2012, and several of my concerns have been rectified. Since the updates, the performance of the device has improved and application availability is slowly increasing. ... Read More »

Empower your Windows Phone 8 with basic invoicing

If you’re a one-person shop, constantly on the go with clients, you know taking the time to get back to your office to write up quotes can cut a chunk out of your work day. And having to settle in at home to do this will only cut into family time. So, what do you do? Fortunately, you can utilize ... Read More »

Windows RT nightmare: Displaying the Libraries view

Many early Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT adopters discovered that the amount of storage advertised on their devices wasn’t actually available. An additional challenge arrived when they found that, although most Windows tablets support SD or MicroSD memory, most Modern UI apps only look in Library paths. This was complicated by the fact that only an indexed, non-removable drive ... Read More »

Speech personal assistant in Windows Phone 8

The iPhone has Siri, Android has Vlingo and Evi, and Windows Phone 8 has its own, built-in speech recognition software — called, simply enough, Speech. With Speech you can: Make a call Send a text message Take a note Open an app Search online You can do all of these things just by using your voice. Is it magic? Not ... Read More »

How to run legacy Windows with Limbo for Android

With tablets and smartphones running more powerful ARM processors, you can get more work done and try some new tricks. If you’d like to run some older legacy Windows software (from the 9x era, in particular), you might be pleased to know that a QEMU emulator designed for Android exists in the Google Play Store called Limbo PC Emulator. It’s ... Read More »

Chronos Calendar: A true powerhouse calendar for Windows Phone 8

Most mobile calendar apps are fairly blah. Sure, they keep your schedule, but for power users, they do little more than remind them how stripped-down the calendaring tools are. I recently discovered a calendar for Windows Phone 8 that offers more than the average application. In fact, Chronos Calendar is one of those tools that every mobile calendar should model ... Read More »

Protect your Windows Registry with Registry Alert

Small businesses cannot afford the constant contact with IT support that larger companies enjoy. To that end, it is imperative to proactively protect one of the most important points of contact within the Windows operating system: the Registry. Every time an application is installed, it adds new entries to the Registry. In some instances, applications venture into sensitive areas of ... Read More »

Mac sharing Part 3: Windows in the mix

So far in the Mac Sharing series, we’ve covered: Mac sharing Part 1: How to get connected (the basics between Macs) Mac sharing Part 2: File-sharing scenarios (slightly more advanced tips for Macs) Do you have both Windows PCs and Macs in your network? Hook them up to rapidly share their files in either or both directions. Level: Switcher / ... Read More »

Fix found for Windows 8.1 upgrade problems on Surface RT

Note: Microsoft temporarily halted and then resumed Windows update 8.1 for Surface RT since this article was written. The issues described here should eventually be resolved, but the commands I highlight are important troubleshooting steps that may be useful, in general, when encountering issues on Windows RT or 8.1 (especially Modern UI problems). Microsoft released Windows 8.1 for Intel and ... Read More »

Microsoft retries Windows RT, but does it matter?

Just shy of a year after releasing the Surface RT tablet, you would be forgiven for thinking Windows RT had largely been abandoned. However, Microsoft and Nokia, which will soon be part of the software giant, have redoubled efforts around Windows RT, creating a tablet-friendly version of Windows 8 designed to run on ARM processors.  Nokia recently announced the Lumia 2520, ... Read More »

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