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Manage projects on your iPad with LiquidPlanner

When I wrote about SaaS project management apps for the iPhone, the latest version of the LiquidPlanner iOS app was conspicuously missing, because it was going through the App Store approval process. Fortunately, I recently had the opportunity to spend some time testing out the latest LiquidPlanner app on my iPad. (Note: LiquidPlanner is also available for Android.) Getting started ... Read More »

BlackBerry returns to the enterprise

In a world dominated by companies like Samsung and Apple, it’s easy to forget that BlackBerry (née RIM) was once the company to beat in the smartphone market. New BlackBerry models were eagerly anticipated and hailed as examples of excellent design. Workers with low-end models were clearly on the bottom of the corporate totem pole, while those in upper echelons ... Read More »

What’s next for Windows RT?

After a spate of recent news on Windows RT, I pulled my Microsoft Surface RT tablet from a drawer, where it had been sitting unused for several months. I reviewed Surface RT in November of 2012, and several of my concerns have been rectified. Since the updates, the performance of the device has improved and application availability is slowly increasing. ... Read More »

Not your lucky number: iOS 7 falls a little flat

The next incarnation of Apple’s vaulted iOS has arrived, and yet — for many of the people who have set eyes on it — it feels as though the OS has taken a step back. While iOS 7 had as much pomp and circumstance as any other release, the actual OS and what it brought with it seemed to disappoint ... Read More »

BlackBerry security could be key to their enterprise mobility resurgence

Beyond reviewing the BlackBerry Z10 for enterprise mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) use cases, I wanted to spend some of my time with the BlackBerry loaner drilling down into the security features. Mobile security was always a hallmark of BlackBerry devices inside the U.S. federal government and corporations. However, BlackBerry’s security reputation became ... Read More »

IBM MobileFirst combines mobile technology and strategy

IBM recently launched IBM MobileFirst, a blended offering of products, services, and strategy consulting that’s focused on helping enterprises make the move into enterprise mobility. Recently, I had a chance to speak with Michael Gilfix, Director of Enterprise Mobile for IBM, about the new MobileFirst initiative. Gilfix explained that IBM is excited about their MobileFirst initiative because mobility has become the ... Read More »

Nirvana for contacts: Contacts+

The Android platform is an amazing playground for geeks who like to tinker. With it, you can do nearly anything. Even the default applications tend to be highly customizable. But sometimes an app comes along that adds even more customizations. One such app is Contacts+, an all-in-one contact manager that seamlessly bridges the gap between phone, messaging, and social networking. ... Read More »

Empower your Windows Phone 8 with basic invoicing

If you’re a one-person shop, constantly on the go with clients, you know taking the time to get back to your office to write up quotes can cut a chunk out of your work day. And having to settle in at home to do this will only cut into family time. So, what do you do? Fortunately, you can utilize ... Read More »

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