Thursday , 26 January 2023

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PernixData Flash Virtualization Platform: a storage solution worth researching

I had the pleasure of attending Storage Field Day 3 in April. We saw many company presentations, including one from Exablox, and one from PernixData that I’m really excited to share with TechRepublic readers. PernixData’s insightful and exciting presentation was chock-full of technical content. One of the first things CTO, Satyam Vaghani, told us in this presentation is that one of the company’s ... Read More »

Install SugarCRM for powerful customer relationship management

If you ask anyone in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space, they most likely will agree that SugarCRM is one of the finest products of its kind. This commercial, open source solution offers every feature to meet your CRM needs. The feature list includes: Personal home page Activity management Contacts Accounts Project management Campaigns Web-to-lead forms Dashboards Cases Email clients ... Read More »

Learn how to use Puppet IT automation software, part one

Puppet Enterprise is automation software for IT system admins and consultants. It allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as the installation of applications and services, patch management, and deployments. It seems the sky is the limit, and the available pre-configured modules make it even easier to create these automation programs (or manifests, as they call them) quickly. The Puppet ... Read More »

New startup Exablox announced at Storage Field Day 3

This week I had the pleasure of being one of 14 delegates at Storage Field Day 3, which is part of the Tech Field Day series. At these events that happen several times a year, vendors come and give two-hour presentations to the delegates. The vendors are usually announcing a new version of something or just telling you about their ... Read More »

Connect the Thunderbird email client to your Exchange server

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most widely used email servers in the business world. The problem many smaller businesses have with this is that, without Outlook, the only option is Exchange Webmail. This option is fine for some businesses, but for the ones that want an actual email client, it’s been a challenge. That all changes now. The ability ... Read More »

Merge or share your LibreOffice Calc spreadsheets

I get a lot of questions from small business users about migrating from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice. There has been an uptick in these questions since the release of Microsoft Office 2013. A user recently asked me, “Does LibreOffice offer the ability to collaborate with spreadsheets?” The short answer is “yes,” and the long answer is “yes, with a caveat.” ... Read More »

Visual Studio compiler options, part 3: Option Compare

This is the third installment in my series on setting compiler options for Visual Studio VB.NET projects, versions 2005-2010. Read the previous installments: Setting Visual Studio Compiler options, part 1 and Visual Studio compiler options, Part 2: Option Strict. Compiler options are project-level settings that determine how the compiler behaves when it compiles your code. You view and set compiler ... Read More »

Learn how to use Puppet IT automation software, part two

Puppet Enterprise is automation software for IT system admins and consultants. A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog using Part One of the Puppet Labs Learning VM tutorial. In the first part of the tutorial, we used only one Puppet VM. This was basically for learning purposes, as Puppet generally works in a master/agent configuration with two VMs. In ... Read More »

Protect your Windows Registry with Registry Alert

Small businesses cannot afford the constant contact with IT support that larger companies enjoy. To that end, it is imperative to proactively protect one of the most important points of contact within the Windows operating system: the Registry. Every time an application is installed, it adds new entries to the Registry. In some instances, applications venture into sensitive areas of ... Read More »

Set up a VPN on your Zentyal small business server

Zentyal Community Edition small business server is a great and free solution for any company that needs functionality similar to Windows Small Business Server, but does not have the budget for Microsoft’s take on the multi-function server. (There are other editions of Zentyal that are not free.) Zentyal Community Edition offers plenty of features to meet your needs, which include: ... Read More »

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