Thursday , 26 January 2023

Tablets in the Enterprise

Manage projects on your iPad with LiquidPlanner

When I wrote about SaaS project management apps for the iPhone, the latest version of the LiquidPlanner iOS app was conspicuously missing, because it was going through the App Store approval process. Fortunately, I recently had the opportunity to spend some time testing out the latest LiquidPlanner app on my iPad. (Note: LiquidPlanner is also available for Android.) Getting started ... Read More »

What’s next for Windows RT?

After a spate of recent news on Windows RT, I pulled my Microsoft Surface RT tablet from a drawer, where it had been sitting unused for several months. I reviewed Surface RT in November of 2012, and several of my concerns have been rectified. Since the updates, the performance of the device has improved and application availability is slowly increasing. ... Read More »

IBM MobileFirst combines mobile technology and strategy

IBM recently launched IBM MobileFirst, a blended offering of products, services, and strategy consulting that’s focused on helping enterprises make the move into enterprise mobility. Recently, I had a chance to speak with Michael Gilfix, Director of Enterprise Mobile for IBM, about the new MobileFirst initiative. Gilfix explained that IBM is excited about their MobileFirst initiative because mobility has become the ... Read More »

Take advantage of Google Now on your Android tablet

If you’ve previously ignored Google Now, you should break down and give it a try. This powerful assistant that can help you in many ways, and it’s certainly more efficient than having to do a number of things manually (traffic information, Google searches, and more). Google Now is much more than a simple Siri drop-in clone — it’s a predictive ... Read More »

Top iPad apps for IT managers

IT managers now have a growing list of iPad apps that enable them to go mobile. This includes apps that let them perform common IT management tasks that were once only possible when sitting at a PC keyboard. Other apps are clients for on-premises or Software as a Service (SaaS) IT infrastructure systems. These mobile apps extend the reach of ... Read More »

Mobile collaboration with the Huddle iOS app

Mobile collaboration is becoming an important factor for large and small enterprises. Two of my previous posts, Top iPad apps for accessing SharePoint and A BYOD iPad app for SharePoint users, show that there are a growing number of excellent third-party apps for mobile SharePoint collaboration. Huddle, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration platform, is challenging SharePoint on the iPad with ... Read More »

Windows RT nightmare: Displaying the Libraries view

Many early Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT adopters discovered that the amount of storage advertised on their devices wasn’t actually available. An additional challenge arrived when they found that, although most Windows tablets support SD or MicroSD memory, most Modern UI apps only look in Library paths. This was complicated by the fact that only an indexed, non-removable drive ... Read More »

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